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Song Thai Therapy provides a range of massage services and salon treatments in Exmouth, Devon for people who want a traditional Thai Massage experience.

  • Salon Treatments in Exmouth, Devon

We are delighted to offer a wider range of traditional Thai massage therapies for people who want an authentic Thai Massage experience.

  • In-house Therapies & Massage for Businesses to Promote Well-being for Employers:  

Relieving Employee Stress and Tension with Neck & Shoulders Massage. Thai Massage can help release stress and tension, refreshing and restoring a sense of serenity.  It brings about physiological changes in our bodies, these responses can produce physical and emotional benefits, which will help your staff look and feel better. This in turn will benefit your business. 

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                                                  Song Thai Massage Location: 

                                 *HAIR PARADE Salon*  83 Exeter Road, Exmouth, EX8 1QD 

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